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Our Principles

The primary purpose of this website is to teach techniques, methods and procedures oriented friendly and sustainable use of natural resources God gave man to live being. Sell in the process that assume a conservationist stance generate changes in ourselves primarily in search of absolute respect and love for everything around us. Conservationist generate awareness and raise our "human" consciousness to a better understanding of God and our spiritual mission in this world.

Water For All And Forever

Report by Wikileaks Reveals The Date on Which Drinking Water Will Be Completed On The Planet

Before 2050 humans could deplete all the resources of drinking water on the planet. This was revealed in an article published by Inquisitr based on a secret report leaked by WikiLeaks.

The report was written by Nestle executives, aware of the danger posed this problem to the interests of the company the world's largest food. According to the secret report, a third of the world population would have water shortages by 2025, while the situation would become catastrophic in 2050.

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The report, obtained secretly by officials of the United States, detailing how centered mostly meat diet followed in the West is destroying drinking water. This is because to feed livestock is necessary to cultivate tons of corn and soybeans, which in turn requires large amounts of the precious liquid.

Instead, if humans directly consume these vegetables, much less water is wasted. Currently, Americans are the largest consumers of meat worldwide, but this indicator grows in countries like India and China.

If everyone on the planet had the same eating habits that the average American, drinking water would have already finished in 2000, when the planet reached 6,000 million. An alternative solution would embrace vegetarianism colonize another planet to save humanity. And crazy enough, and there are proposals of this type.

The energy-saving lamps and its successor, the LED lamps are among the most responsible inventions with the environment. The energy-saving lamps save 75% energy more than incandescent, last between 10 and 12 times and almost all of its materials are recyclable. LED lamps do not contain the minimum amount of mercury that have low consumption.

Green Energy


Green energy is the energy produced by primary sources that provide respect for the environment. This energy is renewable, its mode of use does not emit harmful products for the environment. Currently, the greenhouse effect and global warming, he is giving more importance to this source.

You are also paying attention to those countries where the economy and its resources are exhausted. within green energy sources are: Solar energy, Wind power, Hydropower, Sea wave energy, human Propulsion, Geothermal energy, Tidal energy ,Biomass energy. Because of the negative impacts that incineration and hydropower, are not included as green energy, despite being renewable energy. The energies are producing some degree of environmental impact, such as geothermal is harmful if it involves heavy metals, wind produces visual impact. Other energies that have low environmental impact are the energy of waves and marine current power by being located in rugged coastline. Political and technological commitments are those who have provided much more importance to the production of green energy.

Green Business

Tire Recycling

! The best way to significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes is recycled.!

Grinding: In this way the tires are cut into small strips and steel fibers are removed. The ground material excess paste can be used in various civil engineering applications. For example, many racetracks and even playgrounds floors are made of shredded rubber, providing a softer and more absorbent surface to the blows when running.

Full tires: Full tires also used as barrier crash if a vehicle crashes against a wall and marinas as bumpers against the blows of the boats. Likewise they can be used in furniture design and gardening items.

Retread tires: Old and worn tires are typically retreaded: the old and worn band is replaced by a new one. According to the Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA, for its acronym in English), an old tire retreading uses 70% less oil than it produces new one. It is also between 30% and 70% lower cost per tire. These tires provide the same quality and safety as new.

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Pyrolysis: It is a very new tire recycling, in which the tires are heated in an oxygen environment technique. This breaks down the tires in oil, steel and carbon black. The carbon black is a valuable ingredient in tires and other rubber products and plastic, and can also be used in a printer cartridge toner.

Organic Agriculture

Fundamental Principles.

Organic agriculture is a system of cultivation of an autonomous farm based on the appropriate use of natural resources, without using synthetic inorganic products, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) nor for fertilizer or pest attacks or to fight for crops, thus achieving obtain organic food while the fertility of the land is conserved and the environment protected. All this in a sustainable, balanced and maintainable way.

The main objectives of organic farming are obtaining healthy food, higher nutritional quality, without the presence of non-synthetic organic substances and these foods being obtained through sustainable procedures. This kind of agriculture emphasizes a globalized system of production management, which increases and enhances: biological quality of agricultural systems, biodiversity, biological cycles of agricultural product and soil biological activity. This is obtained by using, whenever possible, agronomic, biological and mechanical methods, as opposed to large-scale use of synthetic materials for any specific function to process agricultural production.

Evolution of Organic Agriculture.

Organic farming is the agricultural sector the fastest growing in the last decade in the world, reaching rates of annual average growth of 23% in the US in recent years, and reaching 45% and 50% in the UK and Denmark .

Between 9 and 10% of the land in Austria and Switzerland it is certified as organic. Of food sold in Denmark, between 2.5% and 3% are organic. 33% of consumers in the United States buy organic products, and 42% of food retailers sell organic products. According to interviews conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) most entrepreneurs in the food sector in the United States considers the organic market as a valuable investment.

The resulting biological diversification of organic systems increases the stability of the agricultural ecosystem and provides protection against environmental exploitation on a large scale, which in turn increases the resilience of agricultural economies. The demand for organic food and fiber production by consumers and the demand for a more sustainable society development posed new opportunities for farmers and businesses around the world.

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10 Technologies Environmentally Friendly

New technologies increasingly facilitate life and, contrary to what is often common, some designers choose to combine technology and nature care. In Become Eco we want to highlight these innovations, plus make our life easier, environmentally friendly.

Cigarettes seed is an example. The cigarette butts are one of the residues take the longest to biodegrade, about 15 years, in addition to the pollution generated smoke and ashes. So the idea of creating some cigarettes with seeds, created with biodegradable filters which flowers sprout after decomposition.

The energy-saving lamps and its successor, the LED lamps are among the most responsible inventions with the environment. The energy-saving lamps save 75% energy more than incandescent, last between 10 and 12 times and almost all of its materials are recyclable. LED lamps do not contain the minimum amount of mercury that have low consumption.

Mobile batteries are recharged with sunlight they are already a fact. Mobile phones are one of the inventions that consume more energy, for daily use implies that need to connect to the network. The Fraunhofer Institute has developed a battery with two hours of sun exposure, they would be charged.

The Kranthout, this invention with such a peculiar name, means nothing more than "paper-wood" in Dutch. It is a product that, despite resemble wood, the result is a product of paper recycling. Agglomeration and winding that allows this product makes old newspapers, wood chips and wood chips appear. The material can also be sanded and painted.

The backpack made with materials for various types of bottles, waterproof and lightweight which incorporates photovoltaic panels is another example of eco invention. This backpack can carry in electronic equipment without fear of getting wet and upload the same time expose the backpack to the sun.

Plastic bags are a contaminant residue, due to the large amount of time needed to degrade. Therefore, a Japanese company has developed a machine that converts oil bags, ideal for use as fuel. The machine transforms two kilograms of bags in one liter of oil with a very low energy consumption.

The world of printers has facilitated the daily life of human beings, however, inks and toners using highly toxic and polluting. Korean designer decided to use the remains of coffee and turn them into ink, which would eliminate the toxic elements of printers. Bamboo and computers have come together to create notebooks, PC tablets and recyclable. The plastic used laptops and desktop computers would be replaced by wood bamboos a very fast growing tree. In China and some models are sold.

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USB flash drives have also joined this fight against climate change. This invention of almost daily use could become a product made with recycled newspapers and, in turn, are recyclable without losing their function. These devices have 8GB of storage and also for each copy sold, the creative company allocates a percentage to planting trees. Finally, the 'Greenerator' is one of the most ambitious inventions. Although still under development, this invention would be focused on domestic use and convert energy from the sun and wind into electrical energy that would run all the elements of a house. Its creator, Jonathan Globerson, ensures that only consume from external sources 6% you need a house today.

Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

Earth is like an island of life in the middle of empty space. Scientists do not believe there is life elsewhere in the solar system. In contrast, our conditions are perfect. It lacks neither air nor water and the sun gives us light and heat.

Our planet is surrounded by the atmosphere. It is a thin layer of gases (primarily oxygen and nitrogen) that extends up to about 700 km. above the earth's surface. It is in the atmosphere, which keeps the hot planet where all weather phenomena occur. This layer also contains other chemical elements nitrogen, carbon and sulfur, constantly transferred to Earth and used by living things.

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Temperatures of our planet are the most suitable for animals and plants to survive and reproduce. Temperatures vary according to the zone Earth des cold of the polar ice caps to the extreme heat of the rainforest and desert. But living beings have adapted to all environmental conditions and can find life almost the entire planet. Does space can see traces of the Earth's climate. The planet's rotation and temperature differences cause air movements on the earth's surface. So the wind, clouds and rain are formed. The clouds carry the rains that fill the rivers and lakes. World temperatures makes the water remains liquid. If it's too cold, the water would freeze, and if it got too hot, is transformed into steam.


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